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Aircraft Details

Aircraft type: 2006 CESSNA 172S SKYHAWK SP
Seats: 4 = 1 pilot + 3 pax, or 2 pilots + 2 pax
Equipment Standard: Night Visual Flight Rules (NVFR) & Instrument Flight Rules (IFR).
Avionics: Nav III Avionics:
GMA-1347 Digital Audio Panel with Marker Beacon/Intercom
GTX-33 Transponder - Mode S
GIA-63 NAV/COM/GPS with Glideslope #1
GIA-63 NAV/COM/GPS with Glideslope #2
GDU-1040 Primary Flight Display (PFD)
GDU-1040 Multi-function Display (MFD)
GEA-71 Engine/Airframe Computer
  • CHT/EGT Sensors - All Cylinders
  • Fuel Flow Meter
  • Tachometer / Vacuum Sensors
GDC-74 Air Data Computer with OAT Probe
GMU-44 Magnetometer
KAP-140 Autopilot / Dual Axis / Altitude
Preselect / GPS Roll Steering
Pilot Control Wheel - Pitch Trim Switch / AP Disconnect
GDL-69A Flight Information System (FIS) with XM Radio
ME-406 Two Frequency Emergency Locator Transmitter
Control Wheel Push-To-Talk Switch - Pilot/Copilot
Mic & Phone Jacks - Pilot/Copilot/Passengers
Auxiliary Stereo Input Jack
Lynx NGT-9000+ Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast & Traffic Awareness System
Insurance Coverage: Hull and $5m Liability for private business & pleasure by company approved pilots. Hull excess is $2,100 each & every accident to be paid by hirer.
Performance: 115 knots planned TAS, 201 litres useable fuel, 40 litres per hour with an MTOW of 1156kg.

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